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Right now, the five goats to be harvested are in their separate pen for an overnight fast before their gentle end tomorrow AM. I thank the goats we’ll offer up to the gods and am so grateful for what they bring to the farm in terms of money which is used to feed all the does through the winter.

And with death, comes birth, or conception- my buck has gone into the lady goats’ area for the next month. He’ll be with them through the heat cycle, 21 days, at least, to ensure all 5 of my does are bred for babies due beginning late March. With any boy kid goats born, that completes the cycle on a farm of care, nurturing, love, milking and harvesting the male offspring next fall. What a night to contemplate this all, the air is still and stiff with a chill, the stars are out, our woodstove is cozy, Andrew’s made a luscious French Onion soup, and I will go out to milk in a few minutes.

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  1. Linda

    I like that!

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