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Ack –we have had quite a couple days. Winds up to 60 miles an hour, rain and SNOW! From what I hear we didn’t have as much snow as closer to the cities. But, the turkeys were all wet and starving this morning, so Andrew made them a simple shelter, and we bedded them with some loose hay. Tough birds, still running around in the wind and cold with a funny little prance.

The goats are looking shaggier, as they poof up their undercoats to insulate their bodies. They start to resemble stuffed animals when their cheeks and faces get fluffed up! Luckily I do not have to worry if the pigs are warm enough……actually this cold is great for the meats we have brining in tubs on the sun porch- it is like a walk-in refrigerator now! Draining some of the last feta in there as well this morning. The three goats I am milking are giving a 1/2 gallon per milking. (That’s really not alot of milk, even though an average family couldn’t use that gallon a day.) We are winding down for winter already, but I will continue to milk as long as they keep it up, to make our winter stock of cheese. Ususally right around Thanksgiving is when I dry them off- too cold, and such a small amount of milk by then. I always miss the twice daily ritual of milking though!

The cold and dreary weather has almost stopped the duck egg laying entirely. 1 DOZEN eggs this morning. Yikes. I’ll have to get creative about the final CSA shares, maybe load everyone up with goatmilk soaps instead of eggs. I miss the duck eggs so much, miss my over easy egg fried and drizzling all over some crunchy toast. If you have some in your fridge, savor those beauties for me!Our little housewarming CSA picnic was a success a couple weeks back, everyone brought such GREAT food, a lovely asssortment, and I made 4 duck egg quiches with goatmilk ricotta and various fillings. We toured around the farm, showed everyone the set up and the “kids.” We are so grateful for such caring and conscious customers. There was lots of great conversations and sharing, and I even got tossed on my butt by Roxy as part of a little pig performance!

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