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its not a far away place I desire to go,
just here, on my little farm, surrounded by your existence, presence and beauty
It is hard to say goodbye to you, my darlings
a friend told me his grandma would tell each animal before harvest, said a little prayer
“a toca tu, a toca me”
Today it is your turn, tomorrow it is mine.
Sunday means your turn, and I trepidaciously enter the day of your last
But each of you carry with you a thankfulness
as you will be the amazing centerpiece of Thanksgiving feasts for many families. For this I am grateful.
Grateful I was able to experience you in all your turkey splendor, enjoying your life on my farm. I am grateful to you for enriching my life here. I have enjoyed our turkey songs together, the bunch of you and I.
You’ve done well, my turkeys, grown as you should, fat on organic corn and oats and vegetables and fruits. Each of you has been a delight to know and care for.
Tomorrow you will pass through the doors of heaven, your spirit will go away from here, your bodies will nourish us.
We are thankful, on our Thanksgiving Day, for so much, but especially for you. Thank you for living and dying so beautifully.

I had a feast with my Dad, three sisters and two friends today, and my lovely turkey, Mr. Tom, was absolutely amazingly delicious. His beauty enriched the feast in countless ways, every part was utilized and savored. Thank you Mr. Tom.

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  1. Adolfo Marroquin

    Hey Khaiti. I enjoy looking through your website, Did you sell all of your birds? I'm curious as to what is your schedule at the farm? just to visit you and take a pick at what you are doing. Warm regards. Adolfo.

  2. Khaiti

    Hey Adolfo- I am home most sundays, tuesdays and wednesdays if that works for you, let me know! I sold all the birds but three I am keeping for hatching out babies next spring.

  3. Dawn

    Khaiti, I was fortunate to enjoy one of your turkeys for Thanks-giving this year. He was very tasty. I appreciate his life and all of the work you did to raise him.

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