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andrew with roxy

Today’s the day I say thank you to the immense pigs, for tomorrow they’ll be harvested.

Dearest Roxy and Matilda, you have changed our lives and rocked our world with your joy and enthusiasm, your intelligence, your piggishness, gluttony and rambunctious behavior. It has been my pleasure to guide you through these months, tend to your needs and scratch your bellies and back, jowls and shoulders.  The people who you’ll be nourishing are all so grateful for your lives well lived. And thank you for tilling up the soil for our gardens too, it was great fun to watch you plowing through the sod and brambles, grunting with glee and tummies filled to the brim. Tomorrow will be your swift end, and every part of you will be utilized and savored.

It is with a full heart I say thank you to those pigs.

a few precious duck eggs, with apple wine fermenting in the background


hoophouse progress!

andrew and our frined heidi, harvesting the last of the male ducklings for 2010

me and heidi plucking

part of the goats area for the winter

oh, those turkeys!


factory farm near our place....booooo! look at how jam-packed those poor birds are! Such a disgraceful thing...

our kitchen in the morning...

Seward's got my picture up as part of the the new "p6" campaign, all about small scale local producers!

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  1. Sandra Peterson

    Hi Khaiti I am Andrew's Aunt Sandy - Arly's sister. I'm so enjoying watching your journey on your LTD Farm blog. I'm wishing you guys the very best on your new farm and your new endeavors! Sandy

  2. maren

    khaiti....i couldnt have said it better about the piggles! i hope they can understand how grateful everyone is for the nourshing food they will receive from their harvesting and how much they were loved. And not to forget how proud we all are of you and andrew for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this harvest knowing that these pigs were well loved and well fed and led a happy pig life. I hope everyone can appreciate the courage and strength it takes to do this task so that others may enjoy and understand the importance of animals having a healthy life....wether they are a personal pet or raised for food....sorry if this made no sense :) I wish you luck with the harvest...give them a hug and a thank you for me!

  3. admin

    Maren, thank you.........the piggles were graciously harvested today and I can't say much right now.....we loved them so and they had a tremendous life of goodness, which we saw reflected in their beautiful meat. Amazing day. Thank you dearest!

  4. admin

    Hi Sandy! Look forward to meeting you soon, thanks for all the support and encouragement!

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