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We just saw this last night. You can view the entire thing through the link below….it is some of the most real footage of what happens in conventional factory farm settings. From life to death, an atrocious lack of respect for beings. The point this film is making is that we are all beings on this planet, not just humans here to dominate animals. I have alot to say about this, but we felt very reassured over our choice to be small scale farmers. Please watch this movie. Acknowledge what’s going on, and then make your own decisions. 

earthlings documentary

After we watched this sickening and ghastly film, Andrew and I sat for a while to decompress and reflect on what we are doing here on LTD Farm. We are making the serious choice to raise animals to eat. Even though the amount of meat animals being raised here on our farm are a drop in the puddle compared to the millions of factory farmed animals, each small scale farm IS making a difference. Our raising a small number of animals allows a one on one reationship, an inherent respect for them because we know each one of them. There is a total respect for their creatureness, and they have the best care and best lives we can provide them. With small scale farming, animals are vital in the full circle component of that farm they spend their lives on. They deserve respect just for this alone! Free ranging animals provide fertility to the land they roam on, invigorate the plant roots by grazing, and the pigs turn the soil, eating grubs, roots and churn nutrients back in, which allows vegetable crops to be planted there afterwards. They live well and live a natural animal life- not in crates and cages and closed up cemented barns. Our animals also end their life here peacefully, with nobility. None of them will be sent to slaughterhouses. They will not be subjected to transport and terrifying new places right before they die. This is a very important part of what we are doing here.

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