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mushrooms from the woods --maiitake and sulphur shelf!


 So, we are here, and it is amazing……nothing much more to say. But I will say this: we worked our butts off all of September, quite beyond belief. Packing up the old farm, new fences going up, stuff moving here and there, posts going into the ground, feed being ordered from new sources, areas being cleared, animals being moved (goodness that was the most difficult and worrisome part of this whole process!) But we’re here, and it is starting to feel like home finally. A place where we’re building our future and a sustainable farming system. Pretty beautiful, I say. We are now the stewards of this beautiful land, and we are not taking it lightly.

cedar, our giant buck goat with forces beyond nature, had to be moved into more rigid fence panels than than turkeys require, here he is with little blue. The girl goats' phermones were driving Cedar nut-o, so he had to be moved away from their vicinity. And his welded panel fencing had to be reinforced with extra posts to keep him in. Wait til later in October dude!


Some of the other goats, snuggled with giant hay bales and pine branches we cut for them to snack on.


the site of the hoophouse, hopefully going up next week!


the pigs, always hungry and interested in what is going on! They have 20 days before harvest day......feeling a bit nervous about this, but it is all complete in the life cycle of the world.


a gorgeous night to be brewing all grain style!!!


andrew and our all grain brewing set up


fresh butter we made from some delicious cream we got from our neighbors! living in the country has some major perks! we're thinking of adding a milk cow to LTD Farm next year just for the BUTTER!!!!!!

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