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the latest soap from one of my classes- cinnamon swirl with anise scent (like biscotti)


The past four days have found us busily packing up car and truck loads and heading to the new farm several times a day….and wandering around the place with our mouths open wide with amazement, then painting in the house, pounding posts in the ground in preparation for fencing- which hopefully arrives tomorrow.

the sunrise at the new place!


Until we have the fencing up, the animals stay at the old place. The main concern with fencing isn’t keeping the animals in, but keeping vicious predators OUT. This is my main worry, as my animals are my dearests, and also a very important part of making our farm be a farm. I have so many to keep safe; 260 ducks, 15 goats, 2 pigs, and for instance the 25 turkeys being raised for Thanksgiving, and what would happen if some coyote or stray dog, or bear or wolf (?!) gets in there and kills them? I’d be heart- broken to fail at keeping my animals safe, but also at a loss for the farm and all the people looking forward to their bird for their special feast. It is our responsibility to keep them safe from all perspectives. Also- our NEW hoophouse arrived today, which is wild, we weren’t expecting the delivery until next week. My friend Kellie came out today with me to help do some settling in stuff, and as we drove up the hill, there was a giant semi sitting by the driveway.

the semi by the driveway, Andrew, Kellie and the delivery guy Erik, post unloading....


WHAT?? Well, that’s right, our 30 x 60 hoophouse had arrived, in pieces of course, which we unloaded with the help of the very nice driver (who wasn’t obligated to help us unload whatsoever). He has sled dogs up in northern WI and is looking for country land as well. He said, so what are you doing with this hoophouse? I explained the diversity of our farming plans for next year, and he said “so you mean like organic?” home sweet homeAmazing how organic and sustainable farming is making it’s way into the mainstream culture. Well, it was not so long ago that this was the normal way of farming- small, localized, diverse, providing for the farmer’s family and then a bit beyond…. giant agriculture, pesticides and artificial fertilizers are all fairly modern. Anyhow, the move is officially started, I want to thank everyone for their offers of helping! It may come that we need some serious help with some projects coming up, but for now, we’re truckin’ along, and getting to know the place . I had a realization that mostly, I want everyone to be able to enjoy this place once we are all settled in. Thinkin’ farm party mid to late October!

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  1. Linda

    Moving is such a BIG job... but your place is beautiful!

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