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Did you know that milk is made from blood?

That is- when a lactating mammal eats, after their digestive system processes it, all those nutrients go into their bloodstream, which runs through their secretory cells, into the milk ducts, and then into the milk gland- which is what I milk out through the teat when I milk the goats. AMAZING! I am constantly flabberghasted by animals, and their contribution here on the farm.100_1677

All this comes to mind because my lovely milk goat Catalpa is having some problems, and I don’t know what the problem stems from. She may have some blunt trauma from one of the bully (horned) goats banging on her, she could have a low blood calcium-which is more often the case post partum, not 5 months after having her kid, or she may have some internal issue with her organs. Nevertheless, Catalpa is off being milked because the vet perscribed her antibiotics. I normally abhore them, but in the case of my dear sweet goat, I am going to try whatever it takes to help her through this.


8/11- happy to report Catalpa is back on her feet and acting as if nothing ever happened. She still has abcess issues under her jaw, and I have stopped milking her, but she looks so good and it is such a relief to hear her sweet call to me, her coming for love and scratches again. What a scary experience.

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