Monthly archives "March 2018"


I am so super excited about the podcast my friend Erin and I are releasing today (at TEN AM CENTRAL TIME!!!), Two Farm Ladies! Here’s the link (click here for audio with pictures on youtube)¬†& stream it on Soundcloud here. We talk the Rage, the Rot and the Rainbows of small farmer life, as ladies and friends. Erin runs her own farm near me and she is the BOMB. LTD Farm is kicking butt¬† and I am SO READY FOR SPRING. The lady ducks are ready too! You’ll find their delicious and gorgeous eggs at most of the coops by now, and I’m adding more stores each week. Thank you so very much for your support and let me know what you think of The Two Ladies Podcast!

Here’s me in 2009 with my kids mobbing me