Monthly archives "October 2015"


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It’s been a busy summer on the farm, and suddenly fall has arrived. This seems to happen every year! The lady ducks are doing awesome and loving this warm days/cool nights time of year- check out their eggs on a special at the Wedge Co-op this month!) The organic pastured broiler chickens are growing plump (I will have extra dressed birds for sale in early November), the geese are maturing and the turkeys are enormous already. The garden was crazy productive and food’s been stockpiled in the larder for year round eating from the farm. The three male Highland cattle have been harvested, after a most wonderful grazing season. Lola the heifer and Ruby the 6 year old are here still, Lola might be bred for a calf next summer and Ruby is supposedly pregnant, but has yet to change much in the belly department, so who knows. Cattle were a big experiment this year and a dream come true!

There have been some major changes here that I will talk about later on. I hope you have a enjoyable fall and are soaking up this extra long warm season, what a blessing. Take care!