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Highland cattle adventures!

On my FarmerKhaiti Blog, I have been writing about the cow adventures happening on the farm lately. It’s been very exciting!  Click here for the full story.

Here’s an excerpt:

“When the bull saw them coming, he made the craziest strangely quiet guttural deep burp/moo sound. As the three approached him, he squared up like a patriotic soldier and faced his side to them, standing as still as a statue. I held my breath, what was going to happen? The steers were all up in his business, literally sniffing his bum and his junk. May was there too, the crazy goat who does not know her size for one second. Made of pure confidence, she went up to the bull and smelled his junk too. He stood completely still. But then Nillo did something unnoticeable by me that he didn’t like, and he swung at him, nothing too dramatic, more of an “I’M the BOSS” gesture. Then they all stood there for like ten minutes. The bull pawed the ground, just like you see in bull fighting. It was exhilarating, but terrifying. Was he going to kill the steers? Pin them to the ground and gore them? I could see him watching them, the whites of his eyes glinting in the bright mid day sun. But he just stood there. The steers got bored with this, and showed their submissiveness to him by leaving and going to investigate the 2 cows. Ruby, who is older, seemed to care less, although she did take a swing with her horns at Lola’s approach. Clementine, though, she is feisty and she locked horns with Nillo several times, pushing him back and winning the ranking over him. There were a few running spurts as the steers wheeled away from the bull’s stoic stare.”17657_10152814975797751_6590661058806509836_n 250434_10152854835542751_1181738618767917834_n 11140235_10152811169352751_1497854140595529659_n 11709459_10152866919837751_578658833152522997_n