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The Farmstead Kitchen- Duck Eggs

Summer’s here, the grass is lush, the trees and weeds glow emerald. Every year it is simply breathtaking to behold this magical transformation. It is truly the most fulfilling time of year for pastured animals and the people who tend them!

The lady ducks are doing SO awesome, enjoying their rotational grazing paddocks where they forage among the grass, milkweed, brambles, bushes and goldenrod for tasty treats. The yolks of their eggs are golden and vibrant, reflecting all the nutritious goodies they feast on each day. 11221840_10152746531777751_1671917935355263859_n

We’re excited to have our Duck Eggs available at a few new places this year, including Fresh and Natural Foods in Hudson, WI and served at Broder’s Terzo Vino Bar and Le Town Talk Diner in Minneapolis. Support the awesome food establishments who are making the effort to work directly with small scale, local and sustainable farmers! We’d also love to extend our on-going appreciation for the Twin City Co-ops who regularly stock our pastured Duck Eggs on their shelves: Lakewinds, Mississippi Market, Wedge, Seward, Linden Hills, Eastside, River Market, and also Willy Street’s 2 locations in Madison, WI.

Here are a couple of delicious Duck Egg recipes:

Anyone-Can-Do-This “Omelet”

Sautee a handful of (any kind of) mushrooms and onions in olive oil on medium heat, until the mushrooms soften and then just begin to turn a bit dry, then crack 2 duck eggs on top, break the yolks and swirl around to get the eggs to completely cover the mushroom and onion pieces. Salt and pepper, turn off the heat and then cover the pan (leave it on the burner to soak up residual heat) and let it sit ten minutes. Slow cooking Duck Eggs will lead to the most unbelieveable silky texture! The meaty/woodsy flavor of the mushrooms is ridiculously complimentary to the richness of the eggs. I know you will enjoy!11220913_10152813842697751_2572291420390475465_n10419618_10152813842997751_4206226250641488458_nDuck Eggs with Wild Greens

Gather a generous handful of nettles, lambsquarters or any other wild green you have growing, or use kale or chard. Chop and sautee in olive oil with a bit of green pepper, onion and garlic, then crack a couple of duck eggs on top. Turn down the heat to low/medium, and as soon as you can flip the eggs, do that and finish cooking to your desired doneness. This is a splendid way to get the amazing nutrition from wild greens, and is a perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Duck Egg Power Breakfast Salad!

Fry up a bit of Pastured Pork Breakfast sausage and a duck egg as well. Shred and serve on top of a bed of spinach, with a spicy and probiotic kimchi and drizzle some of the juice on top as a “dressing.” We are currently in love with the Daikon and Ramp Kimchi (her original classic one is fantabulous as well!) made my our dear friend Angelica of Angelica’s Garden, which you can pick up at many of the Co-ops in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Don’t you just want to shove your face into that salad?!