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farmers always talk about weather

P1080037Since the last post we hit a 100 degrees heat index during a long dry spell, and then a couple days after the Super Moon, we had 3/4″ rain and 45 degrees over night. It’s crazy! The skies have been very dramatic as dark cloudy storms race above us. Our gardens are loving the soaking rain and coolness, the explosion continues.P1080157P1080154P1080134P1080168P1080172P1080135P1080159P1080171P1080133P1080032P1080034

The turkeys needed more protection than we’d planned, as it’s generally never this cold in July.  We “bundled” them up with protection from drafts and rain and our plan worked. They are growing by leaps and bounds, literally bounding over to see us when we go up to the hayfield to check in on them. Adorable. P1080085

The sweet goslings and feisty heritage chicken cockerels have joined the Poultry Hayfield Kingdom too, and we’re still camping up there to keep on ear to the ground overnight, when predators are roaming about.P1080039P1080051P1080062P1080097The major accomplishment we had this week was tearing down the surprisingly overbuilt old shed. It was rustic and cute, but a predator hideout and right in the way of our plans. We used the tractor to knock it down after struggling to remove thousands of nails by hand and sledgehammer the metal walls off the old planks. There were bee stings and swollen achey wrists, and then the tractor came to the rescue. We still had to remove those nails, but it went so much better after we felt we’d gotten so far on the project so quickly! What a difference to have this space opened up! Soon we’ll begin using the space to improve the farm’s flow and enlarging our duck barn this fall. The old shed, back 3 years ago when the goats lived in it!P1020128P1080123P1080130

duck days of summer


The last week or so was super hot. All the plants loved soaking up the rays. We spent most of our energy taking care of our animals and making sure they had water and shade. Unlike us humans, they can’t shed layers, they are permanently clothed in their suit of choice, so we have to keep an eye on them. It takes a little experience to see when they are comfortable or not.


We got our Turkey-mobile up and out in the field! It is basically a big framework of 2x6s for the turkeys to perch on, with some shade. It rests on an old manure spreader trailer frame, which is what we had available. We also have a 250 gallon tank of water out there now, and the organic feed in some secure buckets so we don’t have to haul everything out there every day, and it is working pretty good! Some of the turkeys were small enough to get through the electronet fence at first, but they quickly learned to stay in their area with the fence charger on – We are also sleeping in a tent out in the field with them for added protection, and a plus is that it is cooler in the tent then it is in our house! Plus we get to see more stars…We love raising turkeys, we think they are  lovely intelligent birds that make us laugh every time we are around them.


We’re getting ready to tear down a shed in order to add an addition onto the duck barn, for a few more ducks we will be getting in the fall. Now we have a better sense of the workload that will be needed  build such a thing, so we are not rushing, just taking our time and getting everything done as time and weather allows. P1070915

The gardens are exploding with weeds and produce! We have two gardens that are around double in size this year, and it was no problem to fill them right up. In fact, we need more space already! We are already starting seeds for our fall crops.


We’re also working on taking down prickly ash and blackberry brush to give our ducks more pasture space. Our big plans for the duck paddocks include permanent fencing and ponds. We want to give them everything they need for a happy life, and in return they give us so much goodness as well.


WCCO, samples & 5 years of Duck Eggs!!!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be on Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s WCCO Radio Show “Off the Menu” tomorrow, June 6, at 11am! Tune in and hear about everything going out here on our farm, and we’ll also talk about how Duck Eggs are the Ultimate Egg! We’ll post a link to it afterwards in case you miss it.

We’ve been raising heritage ducks and providing their amazing eggs to the Twin City’s Natural Food Co-ops and our CSA members for 5 wonderful years. Our lady ducks are precious to us, and their exuberant personalities reward us every day. When they come running out to their fresh pasture in the morning, watching them happily devouring the grass and weeds can’t help but bring a giant smile to our face. Happy ducks lay the best eggs! Happy ducks equal happy farmers!



The very first LTD Farm ducks in 2008! 100_0367 That first taste of a fresh Duck Egg, gently fried in olive oil! Duck Egg LOVE!


andrew can make the PERFFECT overeasy egg, trapped in a pillow, somehow. He has magic skills.

Duck Eggs make the perfect overeasy egg,                                         with their extra thick and luscious yolk.

and a little feta on top, sit back and watch the show as the custardy yolk oozes out.

duck eggs so fresh they nearly bring tears with their beauty!

Duck Eggs so fresh, healthy and extraordinarily delicious!

a pizza, baked in my well seasoned cast iron pan, with tapenade, nettles, feta, tomatoes I canned and finished in the last minutes under a broiler with a duck egg perched on top...oh dear, what amazingness!

a little pizza, baked in a oiled cast iron pan, with olive tapenade, nettles, feta, and fresh tomatoes, finished in the last minutes under a broiler with a duck egg perched on top…oh dear, what amazingness!

the same pizza, after I ate half and had to take a picture it was so so so good!


roast potatoes and fresh tomatoes in the oven, with olive oil, salt, pepper, dried ramps, garlic, onion until the potatoes are done, then crack a couple duck eggs on top to bake in the juiciness for maybe 3 minutes more. Absolute divinity.

Simple Duck Egg bake- roast a few sliced & seasoned potatoes and fresh tomatoes in the oven, with olive oil, salt, pepper, scallions, garlic, until the potatoes are done, then crack a couple Duck Eggs on top to bake in the juiciness for 3 minutes more. Absolute divinity.

100_3370 A simple and very nourishing Duck Egg on toast with                 garden greens and avocado.P1050939 Duck Eggs make the BEST Aioli/Homemade Mayonnaise, because of their luxurious creaminess. Click here for the recipe.

eggs with sriracha sauce (homemade!!) along with chard and hashbrowns. nummm

Duck Eggs with sriracha sauce, along with chard and hashbrowns. Power breakfast!


Duck Egg Quiches for a party!

Duck eggs are a SUPERFOOD! They contain twice as much protein, potassium and Vitamin A, three times as much iron, and five times as much Vitamin B12, compared to chicken eggs. Duck eggs are also higher in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, thiamin, niacin, Vitamin B6, folate, and retinol. They contain twice the amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids as chicken eggs do. Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol,) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol).

You can find our Duck Eggs at the following Twin City Co-ops:

Seward Community Co-op- Duck Egg samples Sunday 7/7, from 12-2:30

Linden Hills Co-op– Duck Egg samples Sunday 7/7, from 4-6:30

Mississippi Market Co-op’s 2 locations– Duck Egg samples Saturday 7/13, @Selby 11-2, and West 7th from 3-5pm

The Wedge Co-op– Duck Egg samples Tuesday 7/16, from noon-3

River Market Co-op, in beautiful dowtown Stillwater

Eastside Co-op in vibrant NE Minneapolis

starting 7/9, you can also find our Duck Eggs at Lakewinds Natural Foods’ locations in Minnetonka and Chanhassen!

duck eggs make the BEST homemade pasta!

Duck Eggs make the BEST homemade pasta!


duck eggs and goatmilk soap, the heart of our CSA offerings!

Duck Eggs and our handmande goatmilk soap are in every CSA box from our farm, email us to get on the list for next season.

love those beautiful duck eggs!

love those beautiful Duck Eggs!


holiday birds- it’s RSVP time!

The famous LTD Farm Thanksgiving Turkeys and soon to be famous Holiday Geese are here and growing up! We’re preparing for Thanksgiving by raising our organic and pastured birds for you.

6 months and 20 lbs later...P1050457

I don’t think there is any farm that loves raising turkeys as much as we do! They are noble and dear birds who thrive on pasture, and feed us such bountiful nourishment. You can have an extra amazing Thanksgiving Dinner with one of our special turkeys, a delicious centerpiece that has a beautiful story behind it. If you’ve never tried a fresh, organic & pastured turkey before- you, the family and friends are in for a real Thanksgiving treat!


Our turkeys are fed 100% organic feed, as well as an “all you can eat salad bar” pasture. We raise them much longer than is typical, so they develop extra incredibly delicious flavor and grow into plump beasts. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we harvest them by hand, with respect and care, and then our customers come to pick up their fresh turkey and have a farm visit!  It’s become a yearly tradition, which is very special to us and our customers. Come join us, we take turkey reservations with your deposit. Just email us for the sign up form. Last year we sold out early-These turkeys are really that much better! They are $3.50/lb average weight 20 lbs. We will also have a VERY limited number of organically fed and pastured heritage breed turkeys available as well for $8/lb,  average weight 10-16lbs.P1050407

Holiday Goose

P1070805Our 20 goslings are growing by leaps and bounds, and we just adore their personalities! They are all outdoors now, being moved inside playpens to fresh grass several times a day. Soon they will be living with the young turkeys out in the big pasture in our hayfield, surrounded by electronet, keeping an eye on things and grazing their hearts out. While geese really prefer to fill up on grass, they are also given a 100% organic grain feed. Let us know if you want to reserve a plump, pastured & organically fed young Holiday goose- we are probably the only farm where you can find this unique combination of goodness! They will be harvested by hand on the farm by us, with gentleness and gratitude. $8/lb, average weigh 10 lbs