Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Farmstead Kitchen – Beans in the Winter

Featured LTD Farm Foods: Hand-shelled Dried Beans Cured and Smoked Ham Raw Goatmilk Feta Heirloom Tomato Salsa Organic Chicken Stock Fresh-frozen Jalapenos We harvested a lot of dried beans by hand last fall. They certainly can be a “poor man’s meat” ┬ábut we love them for what they are; creamy, delicious, and filling! Beans are awesome for breakfast, as they […]

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The “Farmstead Kitchen” Series

  Sometimes it’s just hard to think of something to eat for dinner, even if all kinds of ingredients are staring at you from the cupboard, freezer, or fridge! We’ve been enjoying Pinterest lately, searching for recipes and gazing at mouth-watering photos. The only problem with some of these beautiful recipes is that most call for out-of-season and other store-bought […]

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