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get on board for 2013

We’d love to be your farmers for the 2013 CSA season!

We’ve just posted our 2013 CSA Share offerings, check the “farm products” tab at the top of the page. Our farm brings you a goodie box Once a month- not every week, which can be overhwelming- an LTD Farm CSA share is a perfect compliment to your garden and farmer’s market outings! You’ll get fresh veggies, eggs, soap, and more, all produced on our farm! Our season runs for 6 months, from May through October. We also offer a Twice a Month Option.

NEW for 2013 will be our Artisan Meat Share! We’ll be featuring the best, seasonal pastured meats that we produce here, from April until November. We’re looking forward to raising more variety of pastured poultry, birds who forage, grow more slowly but thrive on a diverse diet. Feed prices are already high, and won’t be coming back down, so it’s essential that small-scale farmers keep looking for animals who can eat what we don’t- grass, weeds & bugs. Grass fed and pastured meats are truly a sustainable food source. Rabbits do a tremendous job growing on grass and weeds. We’ll be raising guinea fowl, heritage Australorpe and Jersey Giant chickens, as well as a few geese. All known to be excellent foragers, but slower growing.

We’ll still have our Famous “Bubsters” available by pre-order. These are our succulent cornish-cross chickens who are extremely efficient in the grains that they do eat, and our guys grow up running around on pasture and learn to eat grass, weeds and bugs as babies as well, so their flavor is out of this world! We raise them longer than is the usual, which grows them larger and allows them to develop a more intense chickeny flavor. There is nothing bland or boring about our Bubsters! Check out the “Summer Bubster Share.”


thanksgiving plans?

How about something different for Thanksgiving? Our pastured rabbits are doing magnificently, and will be raised outside on grass until the snow flies. The next fresh rabbits will be available on Saturday 11/3rd. $20 each, limited availability- email us (farmers (at) to reserve yours.

We’re getting awesome reviews of our rabbit:

The rabbits we picked up are amazing. These may not last as long as I thought, but we’ll see. I braised one in red wine with carrots, leeks, garlic and a strip of bacon to keep it moist. 325 degrees for 2 hours. It was amazing. Thanks again for supplying a truly great product! It really shows when something is raised healthfully and with care.             and then this…..

We grilled one of your rabbits on Sunday. Have to say, it was the best quality rabbit meat we have ever had! Rubbed it down with olive oil, garlic, fresh orange zest, and some fresh thyme, oregano, sage and tarragon from our garden and then smoked it lightly with olive wood. Turned out incredible! Juicy, tender and flavorful. Thank you for the love and care you obviously show your rabbits and all of you animals. The quality of the meat is testament to your efforts.”

We do specialize in raising AMAZING turkeys too! We’re signing up the last of our small group of pastured, beautiful turkeys. They are $3/lb and we require a $20 deposit to hold a bird for you. You’ll come to the farm and pick up your beautiful turkey on the day it was harvested. Once you’ve had a fresh LTD Farm turkey, raised on pasture, with love and respect, fattened on organic grains and humanely harvested on the farm where it is not stressed…..well, you’ll never be able to eat a different kind of turkey. Start a new thanksgiving tradition we welcome you and your family’s involvement with the harvesting days! building a deeper respect for the bird your holiday dinner will center around. Email us to sign up; farmers (at) We harvest our turkeys here on the farm, the weekend before Thanksgiving. They keep perfectly in a cooler with ice until you are ready to roast!

How do you like to prepare your turkey? Ever year we always do the same thing, and that’s because it ALWAYS works: Low and Slow and Long. You will have the most succulent results, never ever  a dried out turkey!  You’ll have an easy time arranging the tender, juicy meat in piles ready to snarf down. It’s essential with this method, to keep the turkey covered. An enamel coated canning pot works great for really big birds! Breast side down, rub with salt and pepper, maybe throw some herbs under the wings and some chopped onions and garlic in the cavity. Throw the neck and giblets in to roast as well. Cover with lid or tightly with tin foil. Put in 350 oven for 1.5 hours then reduce heat to 250 and roast slowly for 3-5 more hours, depending on how large your bird is. Keep covered, when it starts smelling unbearably delicious, pull it out of the oven, check to see that the turkey is done (usually it is falling off the bone tender!), recover and continue on your other meal prep. The turkey will stay hot, covered for at least 2 hours.  Wait until you are ready to serve to take it out!

Gravy- Take about 1 1/2 cups flour,whisk in 2 cups turkey drippings in a saucepan. Heat now on medium heat, whisk constantly as it cooks until it begins to thicken. Add in slowly: 2 cups drippings, whisking constantly. Keep adding turkey drippings until desired texture is achieved. Salt and pepper to taste!

Don’t think you like leftovers? Simply fill freezer bags with the leftover meat and freeze! Wait until january and you’ll have some delicious turkey sandwiches. When you buy a bigger turkey with saving leftovers in mind, you get a better value because there is a higher meat to bone ratio.


October already

Well it has been a whirlwind of a year here, hard to believe it is already October! This is the last month of our CSA and we have some nice crops coming in still. Looks like this Friday is when temperatures change drastically, getting pretty cold and a chance of snow! Time to get the woodstove fired up.

Last Saturday we processed most of our fall batch of chickens. It was a beautiful day, with sun shining and leaves glowing. Some of our great customers came out to help with the harvest and we are so grateful that they are interested and willing to be a part of this process of harvesting the food we eat. Our bubsters are wonderful creatures and they provide such bountiful and delicious meals for those folks who care about what they eat.

The next day, Sunday, we hosted our first ever Market on the Farm, which went very well and we met some awesome folks, including some our CSA members who were curious about where their food came from. We were happy to take folks on tours of the farm and show them our methods of producing our farmstead foods. We had a lot of help setting up this event from Andrew’s folks, George and Arly, as well as his aunt, Sandy. Thank you so much for helping, and thanks to everyone who came out and made the day so great! Photographer Laurie Schneider took some lovely photos of the event including these:

Now we’re working on a lot of little projects, fermenting and canning vegetables, and soon we will be splitting and stacking wood. Our turkeys are healthy, happy, and growing huge in their large paddock, and we’re looking forward to the turkey harvest for Thanksgiving in November.