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getting ready!

Mark your calendars for Sept 30th! Starting at 10am, we’re opening the doors to the farm! Bring a picnic blanket & some lunch and enjoy the a beautiful day in the country! This event is from 10am until 1pm. We’ll have some fun activities going on:

  • “Guess the Weight of the Ukranian Winter Squash” contest-win a Goodie Box of LTD Farmstead Foods!
  • “Acrobatic Puppy” performances by Belle
  • A Nature Walk
  • Ducklings to snuggle
  • lots of samples
  • Goats to hang out with
  • Hot beverages and a bonfire to warm up

Come pick up SUPER fresh Duck eggs, handmade goatmilk soaps, as well as delicious, fresh veggies and Andrew’s beautiful stone Mortar & Pestles. We’ll have a limited number of fresh rabbits available – Email to reserve your rabbits.

Andrew’s Mom makes this amazing doll furniture which she’ll have on display for you to check out, makes a GREAT GIFT for that little someone special! Check out her website here:

Our next door neighbors raise alpacas and we’re hoping to have some of their beautiful alpaca yarn, fleeces and roving here as well!

For directions out to the farm, email us:    Farmers (at)

Part of what we love about this region is the abundance of other awesome farmers, so we’ll be giving you a list of some great places near us to stop by on your way back home, a Wisconsin Food “Crawl”!  The Stillwater bridge is closed, so we’re directing everyone to come on 94 through Hudson, and drive home on Hwy 8 through Taylor’s Falls. All these great places are located right along Highway 8, heading back to the Cities:

  • Balsam Lake Brick Oven Breads -awesome organic breads!(
  • Tiny Planet Produce- organically grown pumpkins, winter squash, and more from Ben and Andrea (to be confirmed)
  • Maple Syrup at Glenna Farms (
  • Apples at Deedon Lake Orchard 715.986.2757 (to be confirmed)

We can’t wait to show you our farm and see you here!

Sign up for your Thanksgiving Turkey! $3/lb, $20 deposit required.

We had our first slight frost a couple nights ago, and so much of the summer garden is being cleared out now, tilled and cover-cropped to prevent erosion as well as adding organic material next spring. The basil is being dried, cabbages being krauted, peppers being sriracha-ed, eggplants waiting to go into the next CSA shares, and tomatoes being sauced (we have a whole new crop coming along in the frost-free hoophouse!)

As you can see, our fall crops are doing just fine with the cold, in fact, they thrive this time of year. October is the end of our CSA season, and the last boxes will be full of so much goodness…. baby pumpkins & winter squash, arugula, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, parsley, baby leeks, chard, spinach, cabbage, Napa cabbage, red & green meat winter radishes, daikon radish, carrots, scallions, beets/turnips, onions, garlic, & hopefully hoophouse cucumbers and peppers, as well as romanesco (it’s growing so slowly!)

rabbits, ducklings, food

our own little babies, wow!

yellow pear cherry tomatoes

roasting cherry tomatoes is a great way to deal with large amounts! It sweetens and mellows their tartness. Salt & pepper, drizzle on a little olive oil. Puree the roasted toms with basil and freeze for later.

eggs with sriracha sauce (homemade!!) along with chard and hashbrowns. nummm

Sandy, a Flemish GIANT rabbit in real life, she is HUGE! Hopefully we'll have some kits from her soon, she is very calm and sweet.

Sandy's daughter, Ginger, also joining the LTD Rabbitry! Such a sweetheart!

As we've been able, it's been our pleasure to enjoy the few extra pastured rabbits we've raised, in our own kitchen! We are working on creating a base of easy and wonderful recipes for rabbit, aside from the typical Hasenpfeffer style. Here's a delicious rabbit "white chili"- pinto beans, onions, garlic, tomatillos, green and red peppers (some spicy ones) cilantro, broth and roasted rabbit pieces. Combine and simmer 20 minutes, salt to taste. Crack some tortilla chips over top, or serve with garlicky cornbread.

farmer’s market tomorrow!!

We’ll be at the St. Croix Falls Farmer’s Market tomorrow! 10-1, located right on the main drag (203 S. Washington St) in town, right off of Hwy 8. Come see the autumnal colors beginning in beautiful Taylor’s Falls & then head across the river into Wisconsin to enjoy a lovely day in St. Croix Falls!

We’ll have fresh SAUERKRAUT, made from our garden’s bounty, as well as other veggies and pickled goods, goatmilk soap, fresh herbs and MORE! There are some awesome vendors there who also grow chemical-free, like our friends Ben & Andrea of Tiny Planet Produce. Take a beautiful drive to the country and come back home with all sorts of edible goodness from Wisconsin!

The rest of the weekends in September are booked on the farm, so this will be our last farmer’s market this month, but we’ll return in October!

thanks Suzanne for the pictures!!



We’re elated to hear little peeps in the living room. Our first duckling just hatched out of her/his egg! There look to be 7 more that have pip-holes, and technically the eggs weren’t due to hatch until tomorrow, but ducklings do not follow calendars!

These are extra special babies, hatched from our own flock. The momma hens are some of our best, most hardy lady ducks. They have been through hell and high water with us- moving here in the horse trailer 2 years ago, going through major predator pressure, major heat waves and insanely cold winters. These momma ducks are in their third or longer season laying, and of the 10 we handpicked, we’re getting 7 eggs a day from them! Very good layers as well, which is exactly the type of genetic perfection we want to duplicate. Having their offspring here, hatching in our home incubator is sooooo exciting. When you hatch eggs, you are going to likely have a 50/50 mix of boys and girls, which means we’ll be offering limited numbers of Christmas heritage duck. The girls will, of course, be staying with us as our genetic superstar egg layers. Breeding your own animals from your own most hardy stock in your own region is how all the heritage breeds got started. We just made our own LTD heirlooms!

Labor day

Mondays are our day to pick and pack up for our CSA shares. We don’t take days off, we don’t get paid vacations, we don’t even really get a pay check. We labor on “Labor Day.” This is our life calling, and we’re so glad to be here doing this wonderful, essential work of caring for our land and feeding people from this care. If we were cultivating acres and acres of corn and soybeans, we’d hop into our air conditioned tractor cab and spend hours out of touch with nature, while being surrounded by it’s grave. Here on our very cultural diverse land, we watch sandhill cranes float above and over us, and enjoy seeing our Bubsters running for cover in case those big things in the sky are hawks. We watch goldfinches landing on the sunflower heads, completely blending into the color scheme, and an ever changing diversity of other wild birds as they come through on their migratory routes, using the intact wild land here as their safe haven for a rest on their way. We have snakes and toads galore in the gardens and all around the farm, indicating healthy, chemical free soil and an intact ecosystem of predator and prey. It’s an honor to maintain what the previous owners of this parcel began- pure, sweet chemical free care of the land.

Today was incredibly hot, and it’s hard to ignore the fact that the garden is very very dry. We’re in the homerun stretch for fall’s cold touch, so there isn’t much need to fret over the dryness. The vegetables we have growing for fall harvest will be coddled a bit, but meanwhile we  enter the major harvest period of the year. Tomatoes dropping with ripeness being collected and sauced, dry bean plants being pulled out before the pods open and spread the beans on the ground, winter squash soaking all they can from their withering vines in the last surge of growth and ripening. It’s a magnificent thing to witness, and wow does the summer growth period go so fast!

We had an awesome time at the St. Croix Falls Farmer’s Market last Saturday, and it was such a treat to have some of you come to visit and patronize our farm’s effort at the Market! We’ll be vending there again this Saturday and we’d love to see you! If you have canning jars to get rid of, we’ll give you .50 cents for each one you bring us! Reduce, reuse, recycle. Please bring only mason/ball/kerr brands that are not chipped on the rims. Thanks so much for reading, and here’s to hoping you had a lovely holiday weekend.