Monthly Archives: April 2012

construction & inheritance

We’ve begun the initial work on building our new duck barn…..very exciting. Having a wonderful homebase for the ducks is sooo very important to us, and this will be it once we are finished building it. Construction work is very different & exhausting, after all the time we spend gardening, tending the animals (our kids), and delivering our products to […]

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Dining with Dara mentioned our farm on MPR!

Dining with Dara: Chickens move over, there’s a new egg (or two) in town by Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl , Tom Crann, Minnesota Public Radio April 4, 2012   LISTEN St. Paul, Minn. — Easter is this weekend, and across Minnesota kids and families are busy dyeing eggs. Most are dyeing good old traditional chicken eggs, but there are new eggs in […]

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chevre & nettle duck egg “stroganoff”

For 4 servings, creamy, tangy, nourishing spring food w/ a no-cook sauce method! Flour, duck eggs, garlic, bacon fat or olive oil, salt, nettles, chevre.First, gather nettles. Use gloves, and only take the top couple inches of fresh spring growth. Once you have a nice bowl full, use your scissors to cut through the mass of the nettles and make […]

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