Monthly Archives: February 2012

a new small scale farming conference!

Introducing FESSA- “Farm Enterprises in Small-scale Sustainable Agriculture.” If you aren’t satisfied with your options, go out and create your own! That’s what we did with some like-minded farmer friends. March31st- Save the date! More information and how to register is on the website: We’re a group founded to create the type of farming conference we really want to […]

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a very happy valentine

Another Momma joined the milking club this morning- Metallika had TRIPLETS this morning at 3:30 AM. Yep, Khaiti was up that early to maternity-ward check and found the first kid (a Boy) in the hay with her flashlight beam….Happy Valentines Day! #2 kid at first appeared upside down and head back, a terrifying proposition. Khaiti soaped up and checked it […]

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