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Chevre and Nettle Stroganoff

Chevre and Nettle Stroganoff – For 4 servings, creamy, tangy, nourishing spring food w/ a no-cook sauce method! Flour, duck eggs, garlic, bacon fat or olive oil, salt, nettles, chevre. First, gather nettles. (You can also use any other more tame garden greens as well.) Use gloves, and only take the top couple inches of fresh spring growth. Once you […]

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The Farmstead Kitchen – Rendering Lard

Lard- organic lard is not really available in stores, but you can easily make it at home in your crockpot! The key to making snowy clear lard is to have long, low heat, which is nearly impossible on the stovetop. Crockpot to the rescue! Order organic pork fat from your local awesome butcher shop. Try the co-ops or Clancy’s meats […]

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