Monthly archives "October 2011"

fall cloak

Fall is dropping its cloak around us here on the farm.The fields and forests seem to change from green and luscious to earthtones and and sparse overnight. It is nice to be doing canning, cheesemaking, and fermenting inside the house, but we still have a lot to do outside before everything freezes up.

Our tractor is on the fritz, probably a fuel line problem. Our summer classes are wrapping up as each day gets chillier and chillier. It’s hard to believe, but our main gardens are more or less done for the year. We’re very interested in season extension, so we’ve planted a few late season garden patches and they’re looking great: Carrots, bok choy, spinach, arugula, and radish. We’re still getting tomatoes and peppers, which is amazing and mostly due to getting the plastic back up on our hoophouse just in time.

The colors are amazing. When you live almost 24/7 on a piece of land, the changes are gradual so sometimes it’s hard to see what is different out there until one day you open your eyes and everything has changed. It is a wondrous life.

Today we’re harvesting the rest of our chickens and some ducks. We find this work enjoyable but hard at the same time. Wearing aprons is very important, and so is taking a breather every now and then.

Winter is right there in the other side of autumn. We’ll all be ready for spring soon enough. We’re ready to take orders for our 2012 CSA, just send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.