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Goatmilk soap class on Saturday!!!

This will be the last soapmaking class for the year. Come see our farm and the gorgeous fall colors in the rolling hills of Wisconsin…LTD Farm is an hour and half east of the Cities. The class begins at 1:30, and you’ll get a bar to take home with you as well! Khaiti will demonstrate the entire process, explain techniques and natural methods to incorporate functional and beautiful textures and colors into your soaps. It’s the perfect time to make gifts for Christmas…

$20 per person, please email to RSVP & get directions:  farmers (at) LTDfarm (dot)com

On-farm everything

The Intro to Permaculture Workshop went really well last weekend. Our small crew of budding permaculturalists helped us build a swale and berm area, and plant a small polyculture of fruit trees and beneficial understory plants, like comfrey, clover, and lilies. Thanks to all who came out!

We are considering hosting another permaculture workshop before winter. If you are interested, please contact us via email.

We held our 2nd Homemade Cheesemaking Course and the 2nd Goat School Workshop this month as well. Very fun for all, and our the participants learned all about cheese, the goats who make the milk and our farming philosophies. It feels amazing to share skills to inspire and embolden others. Everyone starts somewhere, but you just have to start something!

Some of our ducks are moulting, a different group of ladies this time around. Our flock has many different ages, and so they moult at different points in the year. Their laying has also slowed a bit as the day length and light diminish. Normally our duck eggs keep coming along into November, so we’ll have the co-ops stocked up soon. The customers who signed up with us for our CSA get first dibs on eggs, as their financial investment early in the season helped us get to where we are. One more reason to consider joining our Farm Share CSA.

Last week we got our hoophouse recovered with it’s gigantic sheet of plastic! This structure serves as winter home for the ducks and 1/3 rd of it is also currently a garden which we pick from for our CSA. The covering on the hoophouse means we hope to have October veggies still, which would rock. We have tons of green tomato fruits growing in there, so keep your fingers crossed for a nice long mellow fall.

The goat mommas have gotten into the swing of gearing up to bring us kids in spring. Our new buck goat Walter came home last week and they adore him. He smells like the worst thing you can imagine, but it is “romance perfume” as far as the mommas act around him. Their gestation is 5 months long, so this would bring us babies coming in mid- February. A bit early, but we plan to bottle feed them and start milking the mommas right away next year.





Intro To Permaculture, openings available


September 10, 2011

With Andrew & Khaiti French at LTD Farm

Do you want to live a more sustainable life? Have you heard about Permaculture and wondered what it was all about? Are you looking for some practical methods to reduce your ecological footprint and grow delicious food at home?

Come out & learn about the basic principles of Permaculture, a comprehensive design-centered approach to all aspects of sustainable living.

We will discuss fruit and nut tree planting, mushroom production, berms and swales, sheet mulching, pastured poultry, garden siting and design, composting, cover crops, and more. The purpose of this workshop is to give you an understanding of the ethics and principles of permaculture, some techniques and strategies to integrate permaculture into your life right now, and resources to continue your permaculture education. A large portion of the day will be set aside for field work. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and your mind full of new ideas. This is a unique opportunity to learn about this exciting new field on a real working permaculture farm.

We will provide a basic lunch made with on-farm organic ingredients. Please bring gloves, bug spray, water container, hat, work boots, shovels, snacks, and any other gear that will keep you comfortable outside.

To learn more or RSVP for this class, please email us at

-10 am to 5 pm, $50 per participant-