Monthly Archives: August 2011

don’t say it

Today, we say the first leaf turning color. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Late summer means early summer is over, and it’s true, fall is coming. Just a couple months ago weren’t we lamenting about the snow still being on the ground? This is a Midwesterner’s plight- constant complaining about the weather. We get to share this as a common thread, a community building […]

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Sausage Making from Scratch

Title: Sausage Making from ScratchLocation: Mississippi Market W 7th St. Paul, MNDescription: Come learn how easy it can be to make your own custom sausages. Andrew and Khaiti of LTD Farm will discuss ethical meats, casings, which cuts to use, fat to meat ratios and spice combination to make all kinds of different sausages. Then we’ll grind and stuff fresh […]

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These pictures show the diversity of EVERYTHING going on at L.T.D. Farm………delicious squash blossoms & phlox flowering, crazy miniscule cauliflower, apricots from our own trees, shiitake and oyster mushroom logs, chicken harvesting, cheesemaker’s workshop, green beans and phlox flowers (so gorgeous!), amazing duck eggs and a mysteriously tiny blue duck egg………..our days are full and so busy and so full […]

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