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Home Brewing and Making Fresh Cheese Curds!

Another Double Feature!

We’ll be brewing extract beer and showing you all the steps involved in that process so that you have a good familiarity with it and feel confident in making your own homebrew! Beer and cheese go together like bread and butter, so while we’re boiling the wort, we’ll make some fresh goat cheese curds to go along with the sampling of homebrew after all the work is done. Take a trip out to our farm and enjoy the beauty of rural Wisconsin, while learning essential Wisconsin food skills!

After the class we’ll take a tour of our permaculture farm.

Saturday, June 11th

1:30 to 4ish

$40 per person.  Please RSVP.

Easy Artisan Bread & Homemade Butter Workshop

A Double Feature Workshop!

Sunday, June 12th

1:30 to 4:00 PM

Do you want to earn how to easily bake a loaf of good crusty bread? Come on out to our farm and enjoy the natural beauty of our land and we’ll share our simple tips and tricks on how to make great bread every time. While the bread is baking, we’ll show you how to make quick homemade butter. Then we’ll feast on the delicious simplicity of hot bread and fresh butter. Yum!

$40 per person, Please RSVP.