Monthly Archives: May 2011

spring is really, finally here!

Happy happy joy joy, we have warmth and sun, finally. The animals feel it, the plants, the soil…quite magnificent in the glorious turnaround. We’ve been busy busy busy planting seedlings, seeds, asparagus crowns (all 500 are planted now!) and setting up new paddocks for the growing turkeys, the meat chickens on the way and the new piglets. The worst thing […]

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Intro to Permaculture & Permaculture in Action

On May 14 we will be offering an Intro to Permaculture workshop here on the farm, 10 AM to 4ish. Come learn the basic principles of Permaculture, a comprehensive design-centered approach to all aspects of sustainable living. Andrew is a certified permaculturalist and he will teach you the basic design principles and methodologies of this world-wide movement. A large portion […]

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