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Intro to Permaculture

To all those who came out to the Intro to Permaculture class this morning, thanks a lot and I hope you have a good idea of what Permaculture is now, and maybe you have a couple ideas about how you can utilize Permaculture design  in your life. I apologize for the technical error with the Powerpoint and you can see it here if you would like to review the class.



Link to PDF:

Intro To Permaculture

Customer Appreciation Duck Egg Sale

We are happy to announce that our duck eggs are on sale for a limited time right now, at Seward Coop and and both Mississippi Market locations!

We’re thankful to all of our customers for their enthusiasm and support and and would like to give folks who haven’t tried them a chance to taste our unique and delicious duck eggs!

They will be on sale for two weeks at $3.99 per six pack. Thank you for your support!