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have to apologize about the lack of pictures lately- since the camera landed in the pan of gravy, there’s been no good way to post pictures, which is what is so fun about sharing here……….but good news, our duck eggs are coming to Mpls/St Paul today. Expect them to be on the shelves tomorrow AM at Seward Co-op and both Mississippi Market locations! Thanks again for all your support everyone!

excitement! eggs are BACK!

The lady ducks of LTD Farm are happy, happy, happy………..and right after solstice, they began laying eggs again. Not all of them are laying yet, but they are giving us enough eggs that we’re starting to deliver to accounts. Find our delicious duck eggs at River Market Co-op in Stillwater, and Heartland Restaurant’s Farm Direct Market in St. Paul. We hope to be bringing deliveries to Twin City co-ops in the next week or two!!! Many thanks to the wonderful ducks, so glad they have settled in and began the duck egg season earlier than usual.


these adorable duck egg ornaments were made by Andrew's Mom! There's one of each- a duck, pig, goat and a chicken. CUTE and a very special Christmas gift!!!

Here we are, 2011. Boy oh boy was 2010 a whirlwind of a year…and we are SO ready for this first day of the New Year to lead us into another fantastic one. Our sleeves are rolled up, our vegetables are planned, the permaculture maps are getting drawn, our workshops are lining up fully, chick ordering dates marked, CSA plans layed out. We are READY and very very excited to get going.

how I adore Andrew

But we still have the Wisconsin winter to contend with for another couple months. Our chores daily are pared down to basics. Water and hay the goats, water and feed the ducks, look for eggs (they started trickling in after the solstice, crossing our fingers!) feed the piggles their soaked oats, yogurt/milk/veggie scraps and play with them. Winter is mostly about gearing up for the season coming, spending time with friends and family, as well as reading, eating and relaxing.

Roxy's jowl, a cured unsmoked "bacon" - guanciale


searing chunks of guanciale with whole garlic

the resulting rich tomato sauce, after a long simmer, with sauteed mushrooms, red onion, the seared jowl chunks and garlic cloves

served over hot, creamy polenta-----to die for!

There isn’t cabin fever when you can bundle up in snowpants, sweaters, big boots and scarves and go stare at a beautiful farm, picturing the springtime not so far away. We wander around our land, imagining where we want to build our future barn and home, where we’ll set up all the permaculture aspects of rotating livestock that are not very easy to fence in, or keep safe from predators. All the snow makes it kind of tough to trudge around, but we do it.

thanks to Steven Lang for taking pictures for us!

One day we located a rabbit warren in a rock pile, and the next day apparently so had another predator- there was fur and blood around the opening. Nature is not always peaceful tranquility, we eat or we are eaten, but life begins again as surely as it will end. These simple observations can be had in the city as well as the country. We are surrounded by life and living beings everywhere. Kind of humbling, we are all just a little dot on this massive planet. You get to choose what your dot does and means and the effect you can have. Here’s to a ambitious, grateful and beautiful 2011 for all.

homemade pizza- we're doing a father's day workshop for this- see our "calendar of events" above!

the last picture from my old camera- I dropped it in the Chickenbaby gravy as I excitedly tried to take an up-close picture. Dang it!