Monthly Archives: December 2010

Winter Pigs – Sold out!

Squeak and Penny, the pigs that we are over-wintering this year, are sold. They are growing happily and healthily along with Rosy, the pig that we are keeping ourselves for our summer pork. They are getting big fast! We started them off on pig smoothies; yogurt, soaked grains, seaweed, and soy protein blended to smoothy perfection. Now we are transitioning […]

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LTD eat-off challenge

  We’ve all heard of January as “eat everything in the house” month. We’re starting a month early. Waste not want not. Now- on our farm, we have the advantage of growing/raising/eating our own products. Plus Khaiti’s been a food hoarder maniac since her thrifty childhood experience.   So what’s your food inventory like? There’s plenty of people who have […]

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