Monthly archives "November 2009"

fall on the farm means harvest time….

With a heavy heart, I bring my male ducklings to the chopping block tomorrow, full of gratitude for them and the nurioushment they will provide. I am raising a heritage breed of duck, the Khaki Campbell, which was developed for it’s excellent egg laying ability. Part of the responsibilty of raising a heritage breeds involves having a market for the males, which will not be laying eggs, to continue the breed’s existence. When I hatch out eggs, half of the ducklings are male. After my first taste of succulent Khaki Campbell duckling, I was ready to start spreading this taste sensation to others. After being a vegan for many years, and a vegetarian for 14 years, this has been a big shift for me. Embracing a fully self sufficient life on my farm, as much as can be, involves harvesting the male offspring of my animals. They won’t  be contributing to the farm on an ongoing basis, like my milk goats and lady ducks are, and in fact, the male offspring are a byproduct of the farm goods I produce here. Veganism addresses this by refusing to take part in egg and dairy production. And looking at the agri-business factory setting of raising animals, I completely agree with the vegan mentality. Don’t support that type of  agriculture. Small scale  farming is so important for many reasons but most importantly- the animals are cared for with love and respect for their role in the farm’s scenario.