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What a lovely summer on the farm it has been so far. The Lady ducks are doing awesome, my youngest sister Melanie has been here gardening and helping me, Lola had her calf, 2 new Dexter cows came to join the herd, and I added a few lambs to the pasture as well. I’ve been busy setting up fencing while achieving a nice balance of living, working and relaxing. Kind of a rebound year after over-doing it last season.

A couple things to tell you about – If you are looking for something free and fun to do this Thursday in Minneapolis, there is a screening of local filmakers works at the Walker Art Museum at 7pm. The “Dreaming with Lola” film featuring me and my farm, made by Jila Nikpay is one of the films being shown!

I also want to let everyone know that Seward Co-op will have a special price on my duck eggs at both locations for the month of August!

Turkey & Goose Harvest Workshop

Come out to the farm on Saturday, July 30th and learn how to compassionately harvest your own turkey or goose, with me demonstrating and helping you through the entire process. I’ve raised these beauties on all organic feed, they are living the good life ranging around the farm, snacking on grass and plants and even getting hard boiled duck eggs as treats! I have 10 spots available. There is no cost for the class and instruction, other than the freshly harvested bird(s) you buy from me at the end of the workshop. Turkeys are $4.50/lb (average 16 lbs) and Goose is $8/lb (average 10lbs.) 10682365_10152377947991448_4372307058264819760_oHarvesting poultry at LTD Farm is rewarding, fascinating and done with care and compassion. Knowing how to do it is a wonderful and unique skill to have, and makes for a great story sitting around the BBQ with friends as you cook your own turkey or goose. This workshop will be held at my farm in Clayton, Wisconsin (about an hour and half from the twin Cities,) on July 30th, starting at 2pm. In case of inclement weather, I will hold the class 7/31. Email me to reserve your spot (farmerkhaiti at gmail dot com), I will not require deposits to reserve your spot, but PLEASE do not reserve a spot unless you are committed! Responsible and attentive children are welcome, but only kids who can participate and will not be running off, as there are way too many things on a working farm that are not kid-safe. Let me know if you have any questions, I look forward to seeing you out here!


Pastured Meat CSA Shares!!!


LTD Farm 2016 Pastured Meat CSA Offerings!

Thank you for your interest in my delicious and sustainably-raised Pastured Meats! It is my pleasure and honor to grow amazing food for you and yours, with love and compassion in my heart each day as I tend to these wonderful animals. I’ve made a few changes this year, asking for a bit more up-front to help fund my farm when I need the cash flow. Spring is when the majority of the expenses come for me, so your payments are essential for me to offer these products.

Take a look at what I will be raising and the various times of the season they are available, and let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you have financial hardships that prevent you from thinking about signing up, please let me know. I am a real person who understands times can get tight, boy howdy, do I! Thank you so very much for allowing me to be your farmer!

-Khaiti, farmer and owner of LTD Farm


ANY questions, please email me @ farmerkhaiti (at)


100% Organically-fed Pastured TurkeysP1050273

Thanksgiving Birds and Summer Turkeys

Do you think of turkey meat as boring, dry and bland? Well, then you simply MUST try one of my beautiful birds! My turkeys are ridiculously delicious because they all live the good life here on my farm. My turkeys are raised on pasture, where they get exercise, sun and plenty of succulent forage. They love to eat their greens and explore far and wide around the farm.

Returning again are Summer Turkeys, available fresh on the farm on 8/20 for grilling on the BBQ or cooking up an early “Thanksgiving” -why not!? It is the most delicious meal of the year! They are $4.50/lb and require a $50 deposit, which is deducted from the total price of your bird. I have a fun Farm Day planned on August 20th, so plan to bring a picnic and enjoy a day in the country on my farm!

Please note, for Thanksgiving birds, because the weather is so variable in late November it can make harvesting days difficult for me, so if you want a fresh-NEVER-frozen turkey for your Holiday meal, I will offer a limited number the Sunday/Monday before Thanksgiving at $6/lb. Otherwise freshly-frozen Thanksgiving turkeys are $4.50/lb. Turkeys average 16 lbs. Please circle which date options you’d like to come get your beautiful bird(s).

Summer Turkey $4.50/lb ______x $50 deposit each =_______ (pickup date is 8/20)

Thanksgiving Turkey (frozen) $4.50/lb_____x $50 deposit each = ______(pickup10/22 or 11/20)

Thanksgiving Turkey FRESH $6/lb _____x $50 deposit each =_______(pickup is 11/20 or 11/21)

Any special notes:


100% Organically-fed Pastured GooseP1110154

I am on a mission to bring goose to your dinner table! Goose is one of the most unknown meats for most of us, which is a cryin’ shame, it has a texture and taste like rich beefy poultry. Absolutely ridiculous! Geese are also known for their amazing and healthy fat, which they put on as they finish on pasture. Golden, glorious goose fat renders as you roast your goose and then you can jar it up for roasting potatoes later. YUMM. Geese are a delight to raise and they are incredible grazers. The only downside is that they take a lot of work to process, so the price reflects that, as well as their certified organic feed. Each goose will be around 10-12lbs dressed, and I will have them available fresh on September 24, and frozen after that. They are $8/lb, with a $50 deposit required to reserve. The balance will be due based on the actual weight. I harvest my geese here on the farm myself, so on-farm pickup is required. As with the Broilers and Turkeys, I will have a fun Farm Day planned when you come out!

100% Organically-fed Pastured Goose ____x $50 deposit each = _________

Circle one please- fresh on 9/24, or frozen on 10/22 or 11/20


Name/Address/Contact info:___________________________________________________________


Total Payments enclosed/any notes:_____________________________________________________

If you have any questions, please email me at or call 715.417.0070 (email works best though, my phone reception out here in the rolling hills is not so great)

Please mail payment and form to: LTD Farm 454 4 ½ Ave Clayton, WI 54004

Duck Egg MUGS!!!!!

IMG_0419 IMG_0421 IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0427

I designed my first custom mugs through! I’d ordered cards from them before and had been very impressed with the quality, so when I saw they offered custom-made mugs I knew I had to do it- I have been wanting to make some “farm bling” for a long time! So, here they are! They are lovely and heavy mugs with super lustrous printing, I’m in love with them! There are 2 styles, pictured are the fronts and backs of each one. I’ll be bringing them to Stillwater and Minneapolis this coming Saturday 12/12, here’s the offer: 1 mug and a dozen of the freshest (and last of the season) Duck Eggs for $20. Come meet me at either River Market Co-op in Stillwater from 10-11am, then Seward Co-op (on Franklin) in Minneapolis from 12-1 that day, please make sure to email me so I know to reserve your mugs, I only had 30 made and there are just 12 left, send me an email —   farmerkhaiti (at)

Today I harvested the last of my 2015 Bubsters, which is what I call my broiler chickens. I called them my Tubbies when I was bringing them their dinner in the barn, where they would be brought in to be safe at night. These darling birds are one of my favorites to raise, they are so joyous, so vivacious and personable, they love to eat, and so do I. Have you had chicken that lived a 100% joyful life before? You will be spoiled for life, the flavor and tenderness reflects all the love, the care, and the adoration I have for my Bubs. I hand-harvest them here on the farm myself, and because of that (state laws) I can only sell them to you on the farm. I’ll have 6 of them available fresh until 12/10 then I will stick them in the freezer. Let me know if you’d like to have a visit out on the farm to pick up your own gorgeous fresh chickens, I’d love to meet you! ALL SOLD, thanks Jackie!!!

On a personal note, after my Thanksgiving fiasco with my vegan sister, I had a wonderful visit down to Iowa this week to see my dearest friend Heidi. She and I met and worked at Seward Co-op together, and have remained very close friends through the years. We created a “bit” of a spread to celebrate our reunion, isn’t cooking together the greatest thing ever? There’s some of my own homeraised Bubster transformed into the most INCREDIBLE fried chicken, along with duck egg mayo coleslaw, mashed potatoes with goose fat, and luxurious giblet gravy. Girls know how to put it DOWN!!!


PBS!!! tonight!!!

Just a quick note- if you have a TV, tune in to Channel 2 tonight at 6:30! LTD Farm is going to be on TPT2- Twin Cities Public Television- in an episode of The Perennial Plate’s Victory Garden Edible Feast Series. We are SOOOOOO extremely honored and excited!!! This was filmed in the summer of 2014, which was really nice to see, as it’s heading to -18 tonight. Yikes! At least the sun was out today and the ducks soaked up some rays playing in the snow! (We will post a link when it’s available)  Here’s a little write up about Daniel and Mirra’s latest project, Congratulations and thank you so much you guys! We’d also like to thank all of our amazing, wonderful and supportive friends, family and customers. We could not be here, doing this, without you, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!DSC02271

Come try our Delicious Duck Eggs!

We’ve got a couple of delicious Duck Egg tasting demos coming up!

Tomorrow, May 24th: Stillwater, MN 10am – 1pm @ River Market Co-op

Head out to Stillwater tomorrow to enjoy the gorgeous arrival of spring in the scenic St. Croix River Valley!  Khaiti will be there handing out samples of duck eggs from 10-1.

June is DUCK EGG MONTH at Mississippi Market Co-ops! We’re running a special price on our Duck Eggs for all of June ONLY at the 2 St. Paul MM locations (Selby/Dale and West 7th.) Khaiti will be handing out free Duck Egg  samples these days:

Thursday, June 12th from 12-2pm at Selby and 3-5pm at West 7

Sunday, June 22nd from 10am-12pm at Selby and 1-3pm at West 7

Please come visit and have a sample of our delicious duck eggs! We thank you so much for your support of our farm!